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    Help is needed to serve 160+ families on a weekly basis.  These are families (mostly elderly) that cannot afford to purchase such luxuries as basic food items.  We need your support on a continued basis and especially for the upcoming Holiday’s.  We do not have anything for these families for Thanksgiving or Christmas but would like your help to acquire these for them.  This is a general list and does not cover everything needed but will give us a good start.


    MISC: (to print our weekly list and bag products for distribution)

    • Ink Cartridges HP 950 XL Black
    • Ink Cartridges HP 951 XL Color
    • Copy Paper
    • Ziploc Freezer Bags – 1 gal & Quart size
    • Paper Grocery bags or Reusable Bags


    • Meat – Pork, Beef, Venison, Bacon Chicken, Turkey, Tuna  (Fresh, Frozen or canned)
    • Cheese and Cheese Products
    • Milk – Fresh or Dry
    • Eggs
    • Produce – All Kinds
    • Canned product
    • All types of Dry Products – Pasta, beans, SUGAR, etc.

    If you can help, please make a donation.  You may contact us at 830-899-2256 or 210-347-8207 cell or donate by clicking on the paypal donate button.

    I thank you in advance for your consideration.


    Rondah A. Savage

    Habitat for Safe Seniors

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