• A Little Help Goes A Long Way

    A lot of us don’t worry much about what we are going to choose for a thanksgiving dinner, we just go to the store and pick up the things we need or want.  Or we may choose to go to a family members house or friend for that wonderful dinner cooked by someone else.  We have a lot of choices.  However for those that do not have the choice to buy the traditional dinner items or do not get invites from family or friends, it is a depressing situation.  They sit home alone watching TV, and maybe their closest friend is their pet lying on the floor next to them.  No phone calls, no cards in the mail and more than likely to disabled, or to sick, to cook dinner if they had it.  They are lucky if they have a health care worker that stops by to make sure their heart is still beating.  They don’t have many options on how to get to and from appointments and had to buy their prescriptions instead of food.  Their income barely covers the utilities and some medications.  Yes, I think we all know who I’m talking about…….our senior citizens in our area.

    It does not take much effort to make sure that they have a meal. Just call them, or stop by just to say hi.  Take over a plate of food if you have it.

    Here is a rough idea of a traditional (basic) thanksgiving dinner and the cost to provide all of these grocery items is just under $10.   Wow, the price of a premium cup of coffee…..

    1 Turkey (10 to 12 lbs)

    1 box mashed potatoes

    1 box stuffing

    2 cans green beans

    1 can cranberry sauce

    Throw in a pie and a little fresh fruit

    Habitat for Safe Seniors would like to make sure that NO SENIOR goes hungry.  We can’t do it without your help.  Right now we are trying to cover at least 125 senior citizens and their family with these basic items at the approximate cost of  ten bucks ($10).  We know there are many more in the area that could use the help.  If you are fortunate enough to have your own meal taken care of and can help a little, please consider that small donation of $10 to make sure that a senior citizen will be able to eat to.  Even if you choose to donate directly to a senior citizen, then get them a gift certificate at a local restaurant or grocery store.

    To donate, please contact Habitat for Safe Seniors at 830-899-2256, 2174 Old Sattler Road, Canyon Lake, TX 78133.  Or visit our website at www.habitatforsafeseniors.org

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